Gardening has never been this easy

For anyone who doesn't have a green thumb, gardening can seem daunting. But you can easily learn how to take care of a garden on your own. 

A terrace garden is a great solution for anyone living in a house with not much area for a garden. Terraces get plenty of sunshine. They are easy to maintain and are even great for growing organic vegetables and fruits and setting up a flower bed.

Become a pro gardener by understanding the science behind gardening in simple, easy-to-follow gardening courses. 

"What we have is easy-to-follow, science-based information that can help us create and maintain sustainable gardens and landscapes. I'm excited to share the information with you throughout this course"

~Dr Vandana Krishnamurthy

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UrbanMali's team of botanists and agricultural experts have decades of experience in gardening and mastering it. All our courses cover aspects of the fundamentals of gardening, including selecting plants, maintenance tips, and more

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Gardening Masterclass with Dr Vandana Krishnamurthy

Dr. Vandana Krishnamurthy is a botanist with a doctorate from the University of Hawaii. After her degree, she was motivated to work with urbanites, as her research looked at threatened native plants due to human overuse. She started a social enterprise, UrbanMali, in 2017 with an inclination to connect people to plants.  UrbanMali has set up and maintained over 3000 gardens across Bangalore, working with migrant farmers who they empower to be enterprising city gardeners. Vandana is very passionate about getting every urban citizen to start a garden, as the benefits of associating with plants are powerful for the mind, body, and soul.  She won the Times SheUnltd Women Entrepreneurs Award by Times on India in July 2020.


Gardening reduces stress

Gardening builds self-esteem

Gardening can help you save money

Gardening gives you a sense of purpose

Gardening helps physical health

Gardening builds a nature connect

What you'll learn

Choosing the right site

Pick the best space with the best plants for that space

3 Mantras of Gardening

If you want to manage gardening like an expert practice the 3 Mantras

Be an awesome Plant Parent

Choose the best plants that will thrive in your garden with all your love and care

Design your garden

Understand simple aesthetics to design a cool garden you will be proud of

Learn from a band of experts

Get access to basic and expert level courses

Bust common gardening myths

Unlearn some common gardening misconceptions and rise above to ace gardening

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